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(Toledo, Spain)

Located in the Old Town area of Toledo, just a few steps from the cathedral, is the Red Theatre (Teatro de Rojas). Having gone through several renovations, it has become one of the most charming theatres in Spain, depicted in numerous magazines and newspapers.

All types of dramatic and musical arts are performed on this stage and several film festivals are held here every season, featuring well-made independent films that don't usually make it on the major theatre circuits.

The theatre is also used for the general rehearsal of plays before they are officially presented in larger cities. Meanwhile, The Sephardic Theatre also sponsors a number of musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.

Theatres and Entertainment Venues

AltaZir, Gestión Cultural
Address: Callejón Garrucha, Toledo, Spain
Tel: +34 (0)925 25 74 67
Website: www.altazir.com/

Teatro de la Escuela de Arte de Toledo
Address: Calle de Santa Ana 0, Toledo, Spain

Teatro de Rojas
Address: Plaza Mayor, Toledo, Spain
Tel: +34 (0)925 21 57 08
Website: www.teatroderojas.es/

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